At Niche Learning Programmes we have worked with many individuals to help them overcome personal issues, both in the UK and overseas. 
Some of the types of issues we have worked to overcome include: 
Career crossroad decisions 
Family trauma 
Lack of self-confidence and belief 
Desire to make sense of a hurtful behaviour/action 
How to improve relationships 
Making all that you have to do fit in a day 
Coping with disease 
Making important decisions 
Setting up a business 
At Niche Learning Programmes we are also qualified to help those who want to understand more about The Law of Attraction and how to create the life you desire and manifest your dreams.  
We have worked with individuals to help them re-model their lives, to banish limiting beliefs as well understanding why the Law the of Attraction doesn’t seem to work sometimes and what to do about that! 


I have been coached by Rachel for the last 5 months and have really enjoyed our sessions. I've witnessed a real transformation in myself and feel like a different person. We have had lots of giggles and insights as week by week we created space for my desires to become clear and feel possible. Rachel is very practical and I have loved that blend of grounded yet expansiveness which is uniquely hers. I now feel very optimistic about the future. 
Gia Parsons | May 2018 
I worked with Rachel for several months and she really helped me get over some major challenges as well as looking towards the future with positivity and enthusiasm. Thank you Rachel. 
Sandra Chapman | June 2018 
To ensure that we fully understand your goals we offer a FREE initial consultation – with no obligation. 
If you have any queries or wish to claim your free consultation please complete the details below and we will be in touch. 
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