Executive coaching is an invaluable tool used to further develop executive skills or support in times of business stress or change. This type of coaching utilises the inherent knowledge of the coachee to further develop strengths or overcome perceived weaknesses so that the individual is able to step towards achieving their leadership and management potential.  
A very real benefit of this type of coaching is that it is intensive yet allows the individual to remain on-site and more readily able to remain in control of their daily responsibilities. Where it is impossible to meet personally coaching sessions can easily be run via Skype or Zoom or another technology. 
Executive coaching uses the current knowledge of the coachee and provides the time and space for reflection and the ability order thoughts and evaluate options. The list of reasons for executive coaching is endless, at Niche we have worked with executives who have a: 
Personal desire to grow and achieve more! 
Business requirement to develop more knowledge, skills, approaches 
Desire to discuss a specific topic which is presenting the individual with issues (perhaps business growth) with an external unbiased individuaL 
Leading though times of internal change 
Building and monitoring high performance teams 
Defining effective KPIs 
Understand personality issues (We are MBTI qualified) 


Rachel has been invaluable to me over the last 2 years. She has helped me tackle areas within my business that were in need of attention – ie) key performance indicators, personnel issues, cost reduction initiatives and development of 1, 3, and 5 year business plans. The end product of these items is improvements in all departments as well as an overall increase in Company turnover and margin! 
Rachel is friendly, open and when required exacting. She does not presume to tell me how to run my business, she listens and then asks me a myriad of questions which clarifies my thought process and enables me to make the best decision for business success. 
In addition, she is trustworthy, confidential, honest and facilitates a balanced and logical outlook while ensuring an awareness of all of the practicalities that need to be observed. 
Sam Rose | Business Owner May 2018 
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